The all-in-one approach to building project management
Led by construction industry expert Brendon Jones, HPM brings you a highly experienced and qualified project manager, who in return for a fixed fee, works directly for you looking after all phases of your building project.

Put simply, HPM takes personal care of the planning, coordination and financial control of your building project. We assemble a team of trusted local consultants, suppliers and contractors offering the best value for money, and the highest quality finish.

This approach is not to be confused with that of main building contractors. A higher cost base means they add a significant margin on top of sub-contracted labour and material prices. And they appoint a site manager to spend an indeterminate amount of time working for them (not you) on your project.

Hill Project Management simply doesn’t operate in that way. We offer a distinctly transparent alternative that is more efficient, economical and firmly focused on you – we work directly for you, and it’s your interests that come first.

The project management process

Concept, appraisal and design
From your initial project ideas, and a thorough appraisal of specific requirements, HPM proposes a building design to meet your aspirations and objectives.

Drawings, planning permission and building regulations
We then prepare drawings for you, obtain necessary planning permissions and ensure all relevant building and health & safety regulations are met.

Detailed specification, tendering
Having drawn up a more detailed project specification, HPM prepares and issues competitive tender documents to a select number of sub-contractors and suppliers.

Cost plan and building programme
From tender submissions received, we prepare you a detailed project cost plan and scheduled building programme for your approval prior to building start.

On your behalf we place official orders with contractors and suppliers, prepare health & safety documentation, then coordinate and supervise the building work on site for the duration of the project.

We oversee all contract administration, including invoices, throughout the building process and obtain final building certification from the local authority on completion.

Provided on building handover, a comprehensive operation and maintenance file is also prepared by HPM. It ensures you have all the information and instructions you need to use and care for your new building.